Sarcophilic hemophagia

Sarcophilic hemophagia is a rare and largely unknown disease affecting all humanoid races, with the exception of dwarves. It is thought to be blood-borne, transmitted through injuries or wounds—most often through a bite from an infected individual. The disease dramatically alters the body chemistry of the infected, affecting pigmentation, vision, and pheromone chemistry, but most severely affecting metabolism, as well as the digestive and cardiovascular systems.

There is no known cure.

The disease does not directly affect the brain, but many infected are cast out of their social circles – indeed, sarcophilic hemophages are rarely welcomed in any society – which can have an adverse effect on the victim’s mental well-being. Many are driven to isolation, suicide, or even homicide. Occasionally, an especially angry or sociopathic hemophage will commit a string of frequent, heinous murders. However, most hemophages live peacefully, if not happily, either in isolation or in small communities of like-minded hemophages.

Contrary to popular belief, hemophages are not undead or demonic. They are simply victims of a terrible disease.

Sarcophilic hemophagia

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